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Security Policy - ElderCounsel Help Center

Security Policy

Last updated on November 22nd, 2021.

Data Security – ElderDocx Support

ElderDocx provides the ability for users to share matters, contacts, and other information directly with support staff through multiples channels; phone, email, and direct share through the application.

Data Classification

Data collected and shared by users for the purpose of resolving issues or receiving instructional support can be classified into two categories; user information and protected client information

User information

Includes, userId, name, email, practice name and other contact information as well as information pertaining to the nature of the support call. This information saved and used during resolution and associated with support tickets and may be used in reporting and analytics regarding the performance and execution of ElderDocx support procedures.

Protected client information

Information regarding legal matters, legal contacts, status, or language specific to a matter is defined as protected client information and is only collected and stored during the execution of the support session. Upon resolution, all protected client data is completely deleted from all ElderDocx records.

Data Security

During a support session, user may share information via phone, email, and directly through the Elderdocx application. Protected client information should never be shared via email and it is the policy of ElderCounsel not to write down or record any protected client information shared in phone conversations.

The ElderDocx application provides a new support feature that allows users to share a complete copy of a matter with support engineers for the purpose of instruction and/or diagnosing problems with the Elderdocx application.  In this process, a virtual matter is created in the ElderDocx system and the support engineer is given secure access through their instance of ElderDocx. All data copied into the virtual account remains completely within the infrastructure ElderDocx system and is supbject to the same protections and policies governing Elderdocx.

Data retention

Data shared via in-application support is retained no longer than one week from the date the data is initially shared with ElderDocx support staff. All protected client information shared with support throuh this feature is permanently deleted.


ElderDocx collects internal metrics regarding the submission and execution of support tickets. At no time is protected client information used in any metrics or reports. It is our policy to never share protected client information in part or in full with external parties and is only used by support staff during the diagnosis and resolution of problems.